Our Senior Management Consultants specialize in diagnosing your business through VSM, process mapping, Voice of the Customer (VOC) Surveys and interviews, and change management assessments to present the current status of your business and opportunities found to reduce or eliminate waste and variation from your processes.

We create opportunities that translate into a strategic plan to deploy and realize benefits identified. We are confident to deliver top-performing consulting services that will give you a competitive edge in innovation and transformational efforts. We are a small firm that competes in cost and quality. Our consultants will create work plans to meet your leadership and operational needs. 


Our Executive Coaches will baseline your behavioral and communication style, survey your workforce, and create a comprehensive development plan that focuses on technical and behavioural skills. We use coaching frameworks, tools, techniques, and documented progress during the duration of the engagement. We guarantee you will become a more assertive and results-driven leader.


Our approach is simple. We assess the risk for implementation of the strategies that need to be cascaded in the organization and put plans in place to mitigate the risks by using an aggressive strategy for corporate communication and assessing the change along the way. We look at your organization readiness, maturity and recommend a work plan to deliver the changes.

  • Corporations

      - Lean Strategy
      - Lean Six Sigma Consulting
      - Leadership Development
      - Change Management
      - New Employee Orientation
      - On-the-job Training (OJT)
      - Safety Training
      - Lean Training and Simulations
  • Individuals

      - Skill Assessment
      - 360-Feedback
      - Coaching for Development
      - Coaching for Performance
      - Frameworks, Technical Coaching
      - Behavioural Coaching
      - Personal Accountability

Accredited by the Better Business Bureaus

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